Where to Find Pests in Your Home

Many people think of cockroaches as disgusting pests that only inhabit the homes of hoarders or other unkempt areas. However, the reality is that different species may be attracted to different things inside and outside your home.

Common Pest Hiding Places

There are three things all living things need: food, water, and shelter. These are commonly referred to as ‘conducive conditions’. If you’re looking for a place that pests may hide out, think about places where all three of these needs can be met.

Damp Spaces

If you’re looking for pests, a good rule of thumb is to seek out damp spaces. Anything that can contribute to mold growth can also attract pests.

Some common excessively damp, humid areas pests may hide include:

  • Trash bins
  • Muggy bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Overwatered houseplants

Inspect your plumbing for leaks under sinks or around exterior plumbing fixtures. Any area of standing water, such as a decorative bucket in your yard or even your pet’s water bowl, can attract bugs. Squeeze out kitchen sponges and seal them in plastic bags overnight, and don’t forget to clean your gutters regularly to remove wet clumps of leaves.

Places with Access to Food

This one may be more of a no-brainer, but many pests can be attracted to your home if you have ample food sources. Clean out your pantry thoroughly — wiping down all surfaces and vacuuming or sweeping out crumbs that may have collected on shelves or across the floor.

After feeding your pets, pick up their bowls, and replace any leftover food back into the bag. You can also start feeding your pets on schedule and sealing their food in airtight containers while not in use.

Dark Places

Many insects are attracted to dark areas where they can hide and wait for an opportunity to get their next meal. Certain pests, such as silverfish, inhabit humid places like bathrooms, attics, and basements and can do a very good job of staying hidden for a long time. These pests cause significant damage to paper goods, including books, paperwork, and wallpaper, as well as clothing and pantry items like flour.

Keep an eye on these other hiding places that pests are likely to be found:

  • Under kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Pantries
  • Storage sheds
  • Garages
  • Mulch beds
  • Closets
  • Plumbing entrances
  • Attic vents
  • Soffit vents
  • Beneath doors

Check crevices, holes, or cracks throughout your home and seal off as many small entrances as possible if you think you may have a pest problem.

Got Pest Problems? Contact Natura Pest Control!

It’s not unusual to find pests in utility rooms, garages, crawl spaces, basements, and attics if conditions are damp enough. They could also seek shelter in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, and near air conditioners’ condensate drain lines.

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