Sleep Tight, But Not If The Bedbugs Bite

Good night, sleep tight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite. This little rhyme may have seemed cute and innocent when you were little, but how many children actually thought they’d have run-ins with a bedbug in their lifetimes?

Prevent Bedbugs in Your Home

According to recent statistics, about one in five homes have a problem with bedbugs at some point. Bedbugs are a serious problem, with solutions often including simply throwing out an infested mattress — an expensive investment.

Where do bedbugs come from?

Oftentimes, bedbugs don’t just show up without cause. The pesky pests will hitch a ride on you, luggage, clothing, or a pet and find their way back to your home to set up shop. Motels are notorious for bedbugs, so always check the reviews before booking a room and check the beds before settling in.

Common Signs of Bedbugs

You think you may have bedbugs, but how can you be sure? Keep an eye out for these three telltale signs:

  1. Strange stains. Bedbugs feed on blood, which means their excrement is just that — blood. Since bedbugs are so tiny, they may be hard to spot right away, but a good test is to put a drop of water on any small black spots you see — if it smears and turns red, you’re dealing with flea or bedbug excrement.
  2. Unexplainable bumps. Bedbugs typically bite when we’re resting, which means their prime spots are our torsos. If you wake up and suddenly have a string of chickenpox-like bites, contact your local pest control experts.
  3. Molted skins. Bedbugs shed their skin, which appears as a pale or clear casing the same size and shape as a bedbug. If you look carefully, you’ll be able to spot the sheddings along mattress seams and on the floor around your bed.

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