Frequently Asked Questions

Service Questions

What happens during a service appointment?

This is a tricky question because Natura Pest Control customizes our services to every customer. No two treatment plans are alike, just like no two homes and no two pest problems are exactly alike either. So it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen during a pest treatment service. However, most services have a few things in common.

Initial services are appointments to assess your pest issue, provide a first treatment that gets rid of your problem, and then set up further preventative treatments in the future.

  • Inspecting a home to locate any nests or activity hotspots
  • Sweeping away cobwebs around the exterior and garage
  • Inspecting doors, windows, exterior piping, and more for points of pest entry
  • Performing a crack and crevice treatment to eliminate other pest entry points

Routine services are appointments that happen after your initial pest treatment and are focused primarily on keeping pests out. Once pests are eliminated, it pays to make sure they stay away rather than allowing them back in.

  • Power spraying your foundation with a synthetic pest barrier product (products may change from season to season)
  • Continually sweeping away cobwebs
  • Inspecting for new entry points
  • Treating cracks and crevices
  • Treating specific pest activity per our customer’s requests

We also offer re-services all year round to take care of any urgent issues that develop between regularly-scheduled treatments.

Why isn’t my technician spraying my entire yard?

Not every service requires spraying your entire yard. Our technicians are experienced pest pros who understand nesting and other pest behaviors, and we know that many treatments only need to be done in certain seasons. For example, spraying for mosquitos is highly necessary when the weather starts to warm up, but is generally not needed during winter months.

We also try to be responsible when treating your property, as we know that pets and children might use your yard and we try to limit exposure as much as possible (even though we only use eco-friendly and safe products).

Do I have to be home for your appointment?

If you need treatment for the inside of your home, someone over the age of 18 will need to be home for the duration of the treatment appointment. We would prefer that someone over the age of 18 were home for exterior-only treatments as well, but we may still be able to complete the treatment so long as we have access to the areas we need. If you won’t be home, we ask that any pets be locked inside so we can complete the treatment without interruption.

How long does it take before I see results?

For some treatments, you will start to see improvement almost immediately. However, major improvements will likely take several days to several weeks to really come about. Most pest treatments are designed to inhibit a pest’s reproductive rate, and some pests reproduce quickly while others may take months to develop a new generation. Our technicians will give you a better idea of how long you should expect it to take before you really start to see results. Likewise, if you aren’t happy with our service or if you notice an uptick in activity during our Pest Free Guarantee™ period, give us a call for a free re-treatment appointment.

What products do you use?

We use a wide variety of pest control solutions, including varying products for different types of pest issues. While the list is extensive, we can guarantee a few things about everything we use:

  • It comes from a reputable and proven manufacturer
  • It has been tested and proven to be eco-friendly
  • It is safe for use around pets and young children
  • It has been proven to effectively control the pests it is designed for

If you have any specific questions about a product we use, be sure to talk to our technicians about it beforehand and we’d be happy to answer them for you.

Pest Questions

What is causing my pest problem?

Really, any number of things can cause a pest issue. Some pests are drawn to your home simply because it provides a source of shelter. Many are drawn because of the desire to find food. Some are drawn to messes like roaches or flies. Others simply need a place to build their nest. Many species are not actually drawn to your home, but rather to the plants and grass located near it.

If you’re dealing with one specific pest issue, talk to our technicians about it and they’ll help you pinpoint why this issue is happening for you so you can work to correct it.

What pests do you handle?

Our team is prepared to handle a wide variety of different types of pest infestations. In addition to the most common insects (roaches, flies, fleas, bedbugs, and more), we also offer services for small rodents and mammals (mice, rats) and other species like spiders and scorpions. Whatever you are dealing with, give us a call.

How do I know I have a pest infestation?

How do you know that the roach you caught in your living room isn’t a sign of a bigger and more prominent problem? If you find multiple instances of an issue in a short period of time, don’t hesitate to call for help. If you’re seeing signs like rodent droppings or urine under the sink or in your pantry, call for help. Finally, if you spot rodent tunnels through insulation, hear scratching in your walls or the ceiling over your head, or see other physical signs of damage, you may have an issue and should call for help right away.

Do you handle bats?

Bats are a difficult challenge for any pest control company for one major reason: eight different bat species are listed as endangered, and several others are protected depending on where you live. When a species is listed as protected, you are not allowed to kill, capture, or in any way harm that particular animal, and that means pest control companies are limited in their options. Bat exclusion devices can help with the issue, but the process is tricky. Therefore, while we can provide you with some of our advice, there often isn’t much we can really do for bats beyond passive removal measures.

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