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It’s hard to find a pest that is more destructive and troublesome to ornamental plants than aphids! These rapid reproducers usually alternate between woody plants and ornamental plants, such as rose bushes. Also commonly known as “greenflies” or “blackflies,” aphids actually come in a wide variety of colors, including reds, oranges, and even white aphids that often look “wooly” in appearance. These pests are devastating for ornate and decorative gardens, and that’s why you need a pest control solution for them as soon as possible. At Natura Pest Control, we offer aphid control services that are reliable, long-lasting, and affordable, protecting your property and the plants you work so hard to maintain.

At Natura Pest Control, we believe in offering services that simply can’t be matched anywhere else. Every member of our team has undergone extensive training in order to better-understand these pests and how they behave, and we put this knowledge to work for you. Aphids stand no chance against our eco-friendly and safe but effective pest control substances, and that means you can rest assured that your decorative plants are protected. Because Natura holds licenses to treat ornamental plants, aphids are no match for us! In fact, we’re one of the only pest control companies in the area to have multiple employees who have earned the title of Associate Certified Entomologist—proven bug experts!

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What You Need to Know About Aphids

Aphids are some rather fascinating and unique creatures. Throughout the year, these bugs tend to alternate between woody plants and ornamental plants, based heavily on the season. Likewise, the females of some species of aphids can actually alternate between regular reproduction and asexual reproduction, or self-reproduction. This makes virtually every type of garden or yard prone to an aphid invasion that could devastate your plants.

Some signs you might have an aphid problem include:

  • Wilted or distorted leaves and young shoots
  • Yellowing, misshapen, or stunted leaves and young plants
  • Visible “soot” like residue on leaves that might also have black mold growing on it
  • Visible aphid colonies or clusters developing on plants and leaves

Aphids belong to the insect order Hemiptera–the same order as bed bugs, boxelder bugs, and stink bugs. Much like these other types of bugs, aphids are incredibly small. In fact, adults are typically only about a quarter-inch in length. It’s extremely easy to miss these bugs if you aren’t paying attention. Using their piercing mouthparts, aphids suck nutrients from the leaves of plants. Once they process the nutrient-filled sap they collect, they secrete a “honeydew” substance that attracts ants. When this honeydew dries, it can leave a moldy or “sooty” looking residue that makes your beautiful plants look dirty and unkempt.

On top of all this, aphids also act as vectors for viruses that can kill your ornamental plants. These viruses are almost impossible to stop when they take hold in your garden, and in this way an aphid invasion could take down even the most beautiful and well-kept of gardens. This is also why it’s so important to act quickly when you see any signs of an aphid problem.

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