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“Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” It’s one of the oldest nursery rhymes in existence, and it refers to one of the most notorious and well-known pest problems in existence as well: bed bugs. Bed bugs are a problem that has been noted throughout our earliest recorded history. In fact, the word bug is derived from the Old English word “bugge”, which meant a “ghost” or “something frightening” that would bite people in the middle of the night. That night-time biter: bed bugs. While bed bugs may not be known for transmitting disease quite like some other species are, they are known to cause interrupted sleep, anxiety, and increased stress levels, and that means they need to be eradicated from your home as quickly as possible. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to call the pros at Natura Pest Control right away.

When you have a bed bug problem, you need a fast solution. At Natura Pest Control, fast and long-lasting solutions are what we offer. All of our services are backed by years of training and expertise so you can trust your problem to us with the utmost confidence. All of the methods we use have been proven through science and repetition, and our materials are all safe for use around families and pets. All of that means we’re capable of living up to our mantra: Simple. Effective. Pest Control. We treat you and your home like we’d want to be treated, and that means offering you world-class customer service that’s unmatched anywhere else.

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What Are Bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a small type of bug that grows to roughly the size of an apple seed as an adult. Bed bugs feed on blood meals, the name given to an insect bite. Both juvenile and adult bed bugs require a blood meal in order to perform critical tasks in their life. For example, juveniles need them to advance into the next stage of life, and females need them in order to lay eggs. Likewise, all bed bugs need blood meals to shed their exoskeleton—a common occurrence as the bug outgrows its current shell.

Some signs you have a bed bug invasion include:

  • Discarded bed bug exoskeletons
  • Bed bug fecal stains (small reddish-brown spots)
  • Bed bug eggs
  • Live or dead bed bugs in your mattress, sheets, or carpet
  • Extremely itchy sores on bare skin that touches your mattress
  • Sharp bite-like pains while laying down in bed

How do bed bugs get into your home? The easiest way is that they hitchhike. The bugs are attracted to the carbon monoxide that mammals exhale when we breathe, but they are almost exclusively drawn to humans. They find their way into homes on clothes, suitcases, shoes, purses, backpacks, and more. Sometimes these bugs come from accidentally brushing an infested outdoor plant, but in most cases, it’s from contact with a different upholstered item that is infected, such as a chair, mattress, or another piece of furniture. Bed bugs can also be found in carpet.

What Are Signs of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs may be tricky to spot, that's why being aware of warning signs is so important. There are a couple of signs that you will want to look out for that indicate you have a bed bug infestation. If you notice any of the signs below, it's important to contact a professional pest control company to schedule a beg bug inspection and get the situation taken care of.

Signs of bed bugs include the following:

  • There are blood stains on your pillow cases or bed sheets
  • There are dark spots on your sheets, clothes, mattresses, or walls
  • You notice beg bud egg shells or shed skins
  • There is an unpleasant musty odor in your room
  • There are itchy red spots along your skin
  • There are small white spots along the joints of your furniture
  • You are sleeping on a second-hand mattress

If you notice any of the signs above, we highly recommend that you schedule a bed bug inspection as soon as possible. Leaving a beg bug infestation unnoticed can lead to the multiplication of bed bugs and further damages. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our beg bug control services in Vancouver.

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The True Impact of Bed bug Problems

Bed bugs are an extremely difficult problem to solve because they can quickly and easily spread throughout a home. While doing laundry might wash bed bugs out of clothes, they can quickly become reinfected if the other clothes in your drawers or closet have bed bugs in them. Bed bugs can also live in the carpet beneath your feet and are often invisible to the eye beneath bedsheets. All of that leads to non-stop itching, painful bites, and general misery that’s difficult to overcome. In fact, bed bugs cause a high amount of psychological trauma in addition to the physical ramifications.

Getting rid of a bed bug problem requires extensive treatment and cleaning methods, including multiple treatments. However, hesitating will only lead to the problem getting worse. If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, reach out to our professional and courteous staff right away!

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