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We’re seeing the impact that climate change is having on our environment each and every day. Warming temperatures. Rising sea levels. Increasing numbers of bugs. Wait, what? Yes, that last one is also true—the Boxelder bug has become a more and more common nuisance over the last several years, as winter seasons have slowly become warmer and increased in moisture. These bugs are typically the most active during spring seasons, where they emerge from hibernation and their eggs hatch, and then again in the fall when they swarm to mate before going into hibernation again. With fewer and fewer of the bugs dying due to cold temperatures, their population is growing rapidly.

What that means is that these bugs could become a very real problem for your home and your garden, and that’s why you need help from the Vancouver, WA boxelder control experts at Natura Pest Control. We offer services that are specifically designed to target these obnoxious pests and keep them both out of your home and off of your property. If you suspect you have a boxelder infestation, we’ll come to you and put our experience to work helping you get rid of the problem for good. Plus we always offer our signature, renowned customer service that puts your needs first. We not only help you get rid of your bug problem, but also help you keep it at bay, even through the harshest months of winter when boxelder invasions are at their most prominent.

Are you seeing signs of a boxelder infestation? Have bugs shown up in certain areas of your home? Get immediate assistance from the pros at Natura Pest Control! Dial (360) 506-6071 today for Simple. Effective. Pest control.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are named after the boxelder tree, where they are typically found. Boxelder trees typically drop seeds in the springtime that these bugs then feed on. When these seeds run out, they then typically move to female boxelder trees and maple trees, where newly-developing leaves make an ideal food source. They are also occasionally found in plum and apple trees. Generally, you won’t see too many of these bugs indoors during summer months, as they tend to live their lives outside around these food source host trees. However, during winter months, where conditions are far colder, boxelders are notorious seekers of warmth and shelter, and your home makes an ideal place to do this.

Boxelders are not necessarily harmful. They are not typically aggressive, and they will not bite unless cornered or threatened. When they do, their bites are not venomous, though they can leave a small red mark and itch rather prominently. However, they can be a real mess. Boxelders are known to leave reddish-brown fecal matter. This fecal matter can stain curtains, drapes, and other clothing as well as leave unpleasant odors in your home.

Boxelders are typically at their most active during the fall months when they swarm to seek out a mate. During this season, boxelders will typically congregate on the south sides of trees, rocks, and other structures, as this is typically the warmest side that’s exposed to the most sunlight. In some cases, they can even amass by the thousands!

Trust the Local Experts

At Natura Pest Control, our boxelder treatments are unparalleled! We treat your infestation with its own unique plan, and focus on getting rid of your problem for good. Our experience and training make us one of the most well-equipped names in pest control in the area, and we never settle for less than your total and complete satisfaction.

Are you tired of your boxelder problem? Natura Pest Control is here to help! Contact us at (360) 506-6071 today!

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