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Have you noticed that your dog or cat seems to be particularly itchy lately? Does it seem like they’re so itchy that they legitimately might be in pain for it? This isn’t normal—there’s a good chance they have contracted an infestation of fleas. Fleas are tiny, bloodthirsty insects that are so small they’re incredibly easy to miss. Measuring no more than three millimeters long at their biggest, fleas can often go undetected until they’ve grown and multiplied to the point where they’re an incredibly damaging problem. If they get into your home, they can then live in your carpet, your bedsheets, your clothing, and so much more. Don’t wait—call Natura Pest Control and get the help you need today.

At Natura Pest Control, we offer a full range of flea control services designed to tackle an infestation of any size. We understand the nature of these microscopic pests, and we make sure your home and your pets are free and clear of them. We know how quickly a colony can spread, and that’s why we offer services that take care of fleas, wherever they hide, as soon as possible. When we say we offer simple and effective pest control, we mean it—we make the process easy, we get rid of the issue for good, and we make sure you’re completely satisfied with the service you received when the job is done. Plus with multiple Associate Certified Entomologists on staff, we offer you an edge that few others can match.

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Vancouver Tick Control

Ticks are another common pest that is associated with pet ownership, but ticks are a considerably different problem from fleas. Ticks are generally picked up from brushing against infected plants or grasses in an outdoor location, and they can be a lot harder to get rid of. Ticks are larger, generally found in smaller colonies, and likewise also feed on blood meals.

However, the similarities end there. Whereas fleas simply bite and use their blood-sucking pincers to feed, ticks are considerably worse. These pests actually bury their entire head into the skin of their host, where they can stay for days at a time, feeding constantly on an unending supply of blood. This makes them particularly difficult to get rid of, as simply pulling the tick out usually results in the head tearing off and becoming infected. To make matters worse, ticks are notorious carriers of some pretty serious diseases, including Lyme disease. This makes them a huge threat to your pests, and also a considerable threat to humans as well. Tick bites are a lot easier to discover on the human body, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

Vancouver Flea Control Services

Fleas belong to the insect order Siphonaptera. “Siphon” coming from their piercing-sucking mouthparts. These pests are parasitic insects that survive by feeding on the blood of host mammals and birds. Fleas are generally known for their two most infamous qualities: bites that are extremely itchy, and their ability to jump. In fact, fleas are capable of jumping more than 50 times their body length, making them one of the most powerful leapers in the animal kingdom. For perspective, that would be the equivalent of a 7-foot tall basketball player leaping over the length of more than three and a half full basketball courts before completing a slam dunk.

There’s one other common quality with fleas: they are frequently associated with pets, specifically dogs and cats. In most cases, people come into contact with fleas via these pets. Even though your dog or cat might be wearing a flea collar (a collar that emits a scent that wards fleas off), these pests can still nonetheless hitch a ride temporarily and make themselves at home indoors. As Flea populations increase, they will begin to climb onto and feed on human hosts, meaning painful bites and obnoxious itching. Fortunately, Natura service technicians have all the right products and use the right techniques to solve a flea problem.

If you have a problem with fleas or ticks in your home, make the right choice and reach out to the experts at Natura Pest Control as soon as possible! Contact us now.

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