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Moles are subterranean mammals that burrow beneath lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens. They make their nests in extensive underground burrows and spend the majority of time beneath the surface, hunting some of their favorite meals including earthworms, slugs, snails, and other invertebrates. While this does mean moles don’t eat plant roots (much like their favorite foods do), their burrowing does cause problems for everything from lawns and gardens to flower beds. Moles are notorious for creating holes in lawns and gardens, creating an unsightly appearance and a potentially dangerous spot where someone who isn’t paying attention could trip or twist their ankle.

For this reason, moles need to be eliminated as quickly as possible, and that’s a job best left to the professionals at Natura Pest Control! We offer a full range of mole control in Vancouver and offer solutions designed to get rid of any mole problems you might have.

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What are Signs You Have a Mole Problem?

Unlike other pests, mole issues are actually pretty easy to spot. Do you have unexpected holes dug in the middle of your garden or lawn? Are you noticing plants around these holes starting to wilt or die? This is usually because the moles have caused damage to the plant’s roots. While the moles themselves don’t actually eat plant roots, they do eat other creatures that go after plant roots, and that means the roots are often a collateral victim of mole digging and hunting.

Some signs you have a mole problem include:

  • One or more unexplained small holes in your lawn or garden
  • Plants that are inexplicably dying
  • Bumpy, uneven lawn surfaces
  • Long, thin sections of dying or weak grass
  • Soil that feels soft or collapses underfoot

Moles are also terrible for lawns, particularly because their long tunnel networks remove so much of the support and strength you depend on. Mole tunnels often collapse due to instability, and this leaves your lawn with uneven surfaces, displaced grass, and sections that quickly die out as their root structure is destroyed or deprived of much-needed water and soil.

What are the Best Ways to Keep Moles Away?

One of the best ways to keep moles off of your property is to simply keep their food supply low to non-existent. That means keeping your slugs, snails, and other invertebrate pests out of your property. By taking care of these issues, you’ll also help take care of the mole problem in your yard. When moles have nothing to eat, they’ll move on to somewhere that does have a food supply, meaning the problem will take care of itself. This is usually one of the first steps we recommend when dealing with a mole infestation problem.

Moles are particularly dangerous for yards because they are active all year long, and can continue to damage your lawn and garden during colder winter months, when plants go dormant. This type of damage may never heal itself properly, and that’s why you need to address these issues right away.

We know how destructive these small, furry pests can be, and we offer humane and fast solutions that get rid of the issue for good. Not only do we actively eliminate infestations, but we help keep them away as well with proactive mole prevention methods that discourage any additional moles from trying to turn your property into their home as well.

Get help with your mole problem from the pros at Natura Pest Control! Contact us today to get started.

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