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Summer means long days, warm temperatures, barbecues, and the ever-unavoidable invasion of pests, notably mosquitos. There are thousands of different species of mosquito in the world, and they’re about as easy to find in the wild as any type of pest out there. In fact, every year, millions of mosquitos hatch from eggs and mature into adulthood. While we may know of these bites as the source of seemingly endless obnoxious itching, mosquitos are also carriers of some of the world’s worst diseases. This includes malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, and Dengue fever. According to the World Health Organization, mosquitos kill more than one million people per year, including people right here in the United States.

What does this mean for you? It means you absolutely shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help when you’re sick of swatting away the mosquitos. At Natura Pest Control, we offer mosquito control services that help you take control of your property and keep the mosquitos at bay. No more dealing with obnoxious, itchy bites, no more worrying about the threat of disease, and no more constantly swatting the bugs away when they invade your outdoor space. We also offer mosquito control services if you have a problem with mosquitos in your house. Sometimes mosquitos can attempt to make their nest in plants near your home, and that means they might find their way in through a small gap. No matter how they’re getting in, we’ll figure it out and solve the issue for good.

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How We Handle Mosquito Problems

Mosquito bites are annoying enough to warrant a professional service. But, protection from mosquitoes is just as much about your health as is it your peace of mind. It’s almost impossible to know if a certain mosquito happens to be carrying a potentially horrible disease, and that’s enough to stress a lot of people out. Add in the fact that our spring and summer climate here in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for encouraging mosquito growth and reproduction, and you have an extremely stressful situation. It’s not uncommon for people enjoying their deck or patio to have to fight back against a swarm of these small, flying bugs that leave extremely itchy welts in their wake.

We take care of mosquitos in all types of locations, including:

  • In bushes or planters
  • Near pools or lakes
  • Near trees
  • In gardens
  • Around decks and patios
  • Inside homes

Treating a mosquito problem generally involves attacking the places where mosquitos typically live. Mosquitos like to make their home in plants and bushes, particularly those that can provide cover from potential predators and shelter from harsh sunlight. This is where they will typically lay their eggs and make their homes, and thus where they should be targeted for maximum control effectiveness.

Eliminating mosquitos usually involves multiple, repetitive treatments of these particularly sensitive areas with mosquito repellent and elimination substances. These substances are safe for use around young children and pets alike, but are particularly potent when it comes to eliminating mosquitos. That being said, mosquitos don’t usually stay gone permanently. After a while, colonies re-grow as new mosquitos move in from elsewhere, and the issue returns. This is why the only truly effective way to keep mosquitos at bay is with ongoing, repetitive treatments during these active months.

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