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Do you hear the pitter-patter of feet scurrying across the ceiling overhead? Are you seeing signs of a rodent problem, including droppings in hidden corners or stains in shielded places? Are your stored food items in your pantry or refrigerator being literally eaten away by small nibbles? You may very well have an issue with rats or mice making your home into theirs. Rats and mice can sneak into homes from even the smallest cracks, gaps, or holes in exterior walls. Some will usually climb trees, take overhanging branches onto roofs, and then get in through attic ventilation in some cases. However they manage to get into your home, Natura Pest Control can take care of the issue and keep your property rodent-free.

When you’re dealing with a rat or mouse problem, Natura Pest Control has the solution. Our experienced Vancouver rodent control team uses sophisticated removal methods to get rid of your rodent issue and safe, proven products to keep the issue away for good. We know how rodents behave here in the Vancouver-Portland metro area, and we use that knowledge to figure out where they’re getting in from. We’ll close off their entrances, eliminate their nests, and get rid of the rats and mice for good, ensuring they have no reason to return in the future. In addition to using methods that are humane and safe for use around your family members and pets, we also offer world-class customer service that prioritizes your needs and your total and complete satisfaction.

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Rat Control Services

Believe it or not, rats do actually play an important role in our ecosystem. Rats feed on garbage, and that means they actually reduce the amount of waste found in our landfills. They’re also a crucial food source for birds like eagles, falcons, hawks, and other predatory hunters as well as snakes and other land-based predators. However, this importance has nothing to do with your home, and their propensity for carrying disease as well as ruining food, plumbing, and other infrastructure makes them unquestionable nuisances. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for help when you discover signs of a rat problem.

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  • We use humane and effective control methods and materials
  • We have decades of combined experience in the pest control industry
  • We eliminate nests as well as the rats themselves
  • We guarantee our services

Mice Control Services

Mice are considerably smaller than rats, but that doesn’t make them any less of a problem. In fact, they’re usually an even bigger problem because mice tend to be a more social species than rats. Whereas rats often will wander into a home alone, mice are rarely alone and usually come in as a small group. When one mouse locates a suitable source of shelter, others will typically follow. Before you know it, you have several mice scurrying around inside your walls. That typically means an even bigger problem, as multiple mice will eat more food and cause even more destruction than a single rat can.

When you have a mouse problem of any size, Natura Pest Control can solve it for you. We use many of the same effective control methods that often work on rats because the two often behave in similar ways. However, we treat every problem in its own unique way, ensuring that we’re customizing every solution to the customer and their needs for the best results.

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