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Mice are one of the most common pest problems a home can face, and likewise, they’re also one of the most economically devastating pests you can deal with as well. While termites may cause more damage due to the impact they can have on the wood structure that your home is built from, mice are known for going after your food, spoiling a good amount of it while also leaving behind droppings that are riddled with bacteria and full of unpleasant odors. Mice are also notorious for the fact that they tend to live in groups, and they spread like wildfire. In fact, in just a six-month period, a single breeding pair of mice can eat approximately four pounds of food, produce 18,000 droppings, and produce around 15 to 30 reproducing females. A single breeding pair can start an entire colony within the matter of a few short weeks, and you may not have even known they were there.

Tired of mice making your life frustrating? Call Natura Pest Control as soon as possible! Our team of licensed, certified, and trained professionals know how mice act, know where they hide, and know how to get rid of them for good. We track them to their nests, eliminate all of the mice in your home, and keep you safe and secure with total peace of mind. While we’re proud of the effectiveness of our services, we also take great pride in offering our customers an experience that isn’t matched anywhere else. We treat every person who relies on us like family, and offer them personable, friendly care that is customized to treat their problem efficiently and safely.

Tired of mice scurrying through your walls? Make the call to the pros at Natura Pest Control! Dial (360) 506-6071 now to schedule an appointment right away.

Why Are Mice So Dangerous?

Most people know that mice are not exactly the cleanest animals to have running around your home. Much like a wide variety of bugs like roaches and mosquitos, mice are widely regarded as carriers of a number of different diseases. In fact, mice have been blamed for some of the worst pandemics ever to strike the planet, causing millions of deaths throughout the course of history. While they may appear cute and furry, they’re not something you should hesitate to deal with.

Natura Pest Control offers control services for all types of mice, including:

  • Common house mice: The type of mice you will usually find scurrying through your home, identified by their grey color.
  • Deer mice: Not as common as typical house mice, but they look almost identical, save for one key difference. Deer mice have a white “stripe” on the underside of their tail that looks a lot like your typical deer.
  • White-footed mice: It’s pretty easy to see how these mice got their name: their feet are white. In fact, that’s the only really obvious difference between these mice and deer mice, whose feet are a pink color.

Mice are also particularly dangerous because, like rats, their teeth are constantly growing. In order to keep their teeth at a manageable length, they need to constantly chew on things in order to whittle and wear them down. This means they chew on just about everything they come across indiscriminately, and this can include wood, metal, and even the electrical wires that run through your walls.

How to Keep Mice Away

If you want to keep the mice out of your home, you don’t have to completely change your life. Instead, simply focus on eliminating the factors that encourage mice to enter your home in the first place. That means storing your food safely in cabinets or pantries that are sealed and free from potential places where mice can get in. Regularly checking your home for gaps that a mouse could squeak through is also important, and they can get in through gaps that are far smaller than you might think. Gaps between your foundation and the walls of your home are great places for mice on a scent trail to work their way inside. Finally, throw away what food waste you can down the garbage disposal, and this will keep smelly foods out of your kitchen trash and out of your outdoor trash can as well. This keeps the mice away and gives them no incentive to try to break into your home.

If you suspect you have a mouse issue, contact Natura Pest Control so a licensed and trained rodent specialist can begin treatment immediately!

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