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For about as long as humans have walked the earth, we have had to deal with furry followers in the form of rats. Rats are scavengers, meaning they consume waste and what we leave behind. That means they’re often drawn to our trash. However, they also have a tendency to try and scavenge inside our homes, meaning in our pantries, storage, and more. And that’s a huge problem because not only do rats spoil our food in this way, but they also carry a wide variety of some pretty serious diseases. In fact, rats carried the Bubonic Plague, one of the worst pandemic diseases in human history, that wiped out a huge percentage of the population of Europe and the Middle East during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Don’t let your home fall victim to these disease-carrying pests—make the call to Natura Pest Control for quality Vancouver rat control services! We treat your home with the caution and urgency that it deserves, and we use or specialized knowledge and considerable experience to develop a rat control plan that effectively and efficiently removes the issue for good. When it comes to rat control, there’s no substitute for knowledge and training, and every member of our team has proven themselves to be an expert in their field. That means when you trust your home to us, you can be confident you’re going to receive a solution that lasts and that you won’t have to worry about that rat problem any longer.

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How to Keep Rats Away

While we might be able to take your rat problem away and make it harder for rats to come back, rats can and will eventually return to your home if you don’t make the effort to do away with the factors that encourage them to come back. Rats have a phenomenal sense of smell and are drawn to odors that make them believe there might be food present. That’s why rats are so often drawn to garbage—they can detect edible food in the kitchen trash, and thus they invade dumpsters and garbage cans under the guise of seeking out their next meal.

Here are a few helpful tips for keeping rats away from your home:

  • Keep all trash cans at least six feet away from the foundation of your home. This means rats won’t have any cover when going after your trash, and thus they won’t have any incentive to try and get into your home.
  • Throw whatever food waste you can away down the garbage disposal. Believe it or not, the best defense you have against rats is your garbage disposal. While disposals can’t handle everything, throwing away safe food waste down the disposal will help eliminate rat problems.
  • Keep attic ventilation covered. Attic vents are often covered with a fine metal mesh that is designed to keep both debris and rodents out of your home. Occasionally, this mesh can rust out and fall apart. Change your covering mesh when this happens to keep the rats away.

If you notice suspicious-looking holes near the foundation of your home, adjacent to concrete slab surfaces or garden sheds, or under shrubs in your yard, chances are good that you have a developing rat situation. Natura has trained with the world’s leading experts in rat behavior and have the tools necessary to eradicate these pernicious pests from your property.

What You Need to Know About Rats

Rats are difficult creatures to catch because they’re particularly good at hiding. While rats are not necessarily small, they can find their way in through cracks and gaps that are seemingly far too small for them to fit through. Cracks in foundations and gaps between walls and the slab below make great places for rats to get into homes, and often times they find their way in between walls where they have not only warmth, but access to food.

Rats are extremely destructive once they do get inside too. Rats have been known to cause a ton of property damage, particularly to electrical equipment. Rats have been known to chew on the insulation around electrical wiring, resulting in the wiring short-circuiting over overloading. Their urine and fecal matter also creates mold growth and carries disease as well as causes nasty odors that are nearly impossible to get rid of. Once they are inside, rats also tend to go after food—a lot of it. In fact, estimates say that rats contaminate or destroy up to 20 percent of the world’s food supply each and every year.

Don’t wait! If you have a rat problem, let us take care of it as soon as possible by contacting us today!

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