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When you think of slugs and snails, what are the first things you think of? For the average person, you probably think of their slow movement, their slimy bodies, and their general commonality in gardens and lawns. If you’re a keen gardener or landscaper, however, you probably think of just how much destruction these slow but productive pests can cause. Slugs and snails are extremely common garden nuisances that feed on everything from leaves to stems to even the roots of plants. This makes them extremely destructive, and yet in spite of their slow speed, they seem to come from out of nowhere and are impossible to get rid of.

At Natura Pest Control, our team is equipped to help you with your slug and snail issues. If you’re sick of your garden being torn apart and your lawn being eaten away, we understand your frustration and we share in the anguish. We’re equipped to help with the latest tools and modern training that’s based on science and observation of these pests and their behaviors. We target them at their source, eliminating not only the slugs and snails you can see but their nests as well to exterminate the problem for good. That means you’ll enjoy a greener, healthier garden, and a safer and more vibrant yard. Plus we always offer outstanding customer service that’s refined through years of experience and hiring the finest pest control technicians in the area.

If slugs or snails have invaded your property, let Natura Pest Control be the ones to take care of the issue for you! Dial (360) 506-6071 now to request a quote.

Solving Your Snail Issues

Much like their non-shelled cousins, snails also need a constant supply of water in order to live. That’s why they are frequently found in cool, damp places around homes, including under the cover of leaves or other plants in gardens. Snails are often most active at night for this reason, and that’s why they are usually only visible during the early morning hours of the day when temperatures are still low and dew is still abundant on the ground.

Snails have an herbivorous diet that draws them to all types of ornamental plants and even to vegetables. Also, not unlike slugs, snails are also disease carriers, meaning they can contaminate the vegetables and herbs you’re working so hard to grow and maintain. Fortunately, our technicians know what they’re looking for thanks to substantial training and years of on-the-job experience. We’ll solve your snail problem and keep your garden looking great.

Solutions to Slug Problems

Slugs are annoying in a ton of different ways. On one hand, they can be large, ugly, and a real eyesore. Nobody likes seeing them pop up in the garden. On the other, the damage they can cause to your garden is immense. Even a small colony of slugs can destroy the root system of a sizeable garden in as little as a few days. They can even contaminate vegetable gardens because they are vectors of a number of different diseases that can then live in the food we eat.

Slugs usually gather in damp areas near a water source, such as a vegetable garden or flower garden that is frequently watered. The soft, slimy nature of these creatures means they need a hefty supply of moisture. However, they also use the moisture in gardens and around water sources to multiple. And they can multiply into the hundreds in as little as a few weeks.

Let Natura Pest Control solve your snail problem for good! Contact us today and schedule your service appointment.

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