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Spiders are pervasive that we have a number of different strange myths or sayings about them. You may have heard a few: “You’re never more than three feet from a spider,” or “Over the course of your life, you’ll swallow 8 spiders while you sleep.” While most of these have no grounding in actual reality, they demonstrate two key facts: people are afraid of spiders, and spiders are incredibly common. In fact, they can be an almost-daily sight during cold winter months here in the pacific northwest, when spiders are frequently seeking shelter in the warmth of our homes.

Whether you’re sick of these tiny crawlers showing up on your walls, or you’re terrified of the eight-legged bugs that always seem to show up where you least expect them, make the call to Natura Pest Control. Our Vancouver spider control services are designed to exterminate your spider problem for good. We help you keep the eight-legged crawlers out with a customized strategy that approaches your problem in a unique and experienced way. Plus, our world-class customer service is unmatched anywhere else, meaning we offer you the simple and effective pest control solutions you’re looking for. With our pricing is always fair, transparent, and straightforward, you’ll always get the best service at a cost you can afford, and you won’t have to worry about your spider problem again.

Our spider specialists are standing by to help you! Call Natura Pest Control at (360) 506-6071 now to request a quote.

Handling Spider Problems Professionally

Spiders are by far one of the most diverse types of pests you’ll find anywhere. There are thousands of different species of spiders, many with unique shapes, sizes, characteristics, habits, and behaviors. The Pacific Northwest is home to hundreds of different types, and it’s not uncommon to find some of them working their way into your home. Whether you’re dealing with small spiders no bigger than a fraction of an inch, or large spiders that dwarf a half-dollar coin, you can count on us to get rid of these bugs wherever they might be.

We offer control services for all different types of spiders, including:

  • House spiders: Small, usually no more than a quarter-inch in length, and brown in color. Most often seen indoors, giving them their name.
  • Western Black Widow: Perhaps one of the most notorious spiders, they are easily recognized by their signature red-blotched abdomen, with the mark on females being hourglass-shaped.
  • Wolf spiders: Fast, carnivorous spiders that are often found in gardens, along coastal forests, and in heavily wooded areas. They’re often found indoors during warmer weather, when the heat outside makes them uncomfortable.
  • Hobo spiders: Spiders that weave a rather unmistakable web that looks somewhat like a clouded spiral. They can be up to ¾ of an inch in length.
  • Yellow sac spiders: Spiders that get their name from their characteristic yellow color. They are mainly garden-dwelling spiders, but have been known to find their way indoors.

Spiders actually do quite a lot of good in the world. They feast on a lot of other bugs, including flies, mosquitos, boxelders, and other small insects that get caught up in their webs. This is what leads so many of them to residential gardens, as they tend to attract other bugs. However, spiders can try to make their homes inside our shoes, gloves, bathroom sinks, beds, and other areas we would definitely prefer they didn’t. That’s what makes them a common household nuisance that you need to have addressed as soon as possible.

Spiders will often run away when they encounter people and pets however, they often find themselves in situations where a painful venomous bite is their only option. Certain spiders like the Black Widow and the Hobo have bites far worse than others, but nothing feels good about waking up with a bite and realizing you shared your bed with a spider. Fortunately, Natura service technicians know how to keep your home protected from Spiders.

If you’re sick of your spider problem making life at home an uncomfortable and stressful experience, contact Natura Pest Control today!

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