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Bees are some of nature’s greatest assets. They’re crucial for pollinating flowers and encouraging plant growth. They manufacture honey, a healthy and totally natural sweetener. And they produce natural beeswax, a material used in a number of different applications.

Wasps, on the other hand, are nowhere near as friendly.

Wasps are aggressive, temperamental, and territorial. It's not uncommon to see them flying around your yard, particularly during warmer months, and they make increasingly large nests in places all around your home. In fact, they love making their nests under the eaves of your roof, as it provides protection from sunlight, moisture, and winds. They are extremely protective of these nests as well, and they have been known to sting anyone or anything that gets a little too close.

If you don’t want these flying menaces buzzing around your property, pick up the phone and call Natura Pest Control. We offer a full range of wasp control solutions that eliminate wasps, destroy their nests, and keep them away for good. Every one of our Vancouver wasp control experts is highly trained in how to handle these particularly aggressive nuisances, and we approach your issue with care, caution, and expertise that keeps you safe while also eliminating your pest problem. When we’re done, you’ll enjoy a property that is safer for yourself, your kids, your pets, and your guests alike.

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What You Need to Know About Wasps

Wasps are an unfortunately common flying pest that’s found virtually anywhere humans are. Unlike rats or mice, wasps are not scavengers. However, they can have a varied diet. In fact, there are hundreds of different species of wasps, and their diets change depending on this species. Some wasps prefer sweets and fats, such as the pollen found in a lot of flowers. Some wasps prefer more protein-based diets, such as meats. These types of wasps tend to love to hang out around barbecues or outdoor events, as this is typically where they can get ahold of a protein-based food source.

We can eliminate wasp nests everywhere, including:

  • Roofing eaves
  • Patios
  • Tree branches
  • Fences
  • Playground equipment

Natura’s qualified service technicians know all about wasps. Highly trained for wasp treatments, no problem is too big for our pest control technicians. We have handled nests and colonies of a wide variety of sizes in the past, and we know how to handle it again for you.

When our Vancouver wasp control team takes care of your wasp problem, we approach it with a strategy that promotes safety and security. We know wasps can be particularly aggressive, especially when their nest is threatened, so we use the latest tools to keep our distance while still effectively eliminating the problem. When we’re done, the wasps will be gone and you can enjoy your home in peace again. Of course, wasps will return after a while, and that means your battle against wasps is never truly over. Fortunately, you have a powerful and skilled ally on your side.

Wasps causing problems on your property? Contact Natura Pest Control today to schedule an appointment!

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