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When it comes to pest control in Portland, one persistent intruder that residents frequently encounter is ants. These tiny pests can infest homes, gardens, and businesses, causing annoyance and potential damage. If you see one ant crawling around your house, it's only a matter of time until a full colony of worker ants invades a food supply they've discovered somewhere.

This is why, for over a decade we have proudly served local residents with quick, effective, environmentally friendly pest control services in Portland. We’ve never encountered an issue that we couldn't solve! From carpenter ants and fire ants to house ants and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

At Natura Pest Control, we have an A+ BBB rating and all of our solutions are powerful and long-lasting, completely eliminating your ants and preventing them from returning in the future. We understand that dealing with an ant infestation of any size or shape may be difficult, which is why we provide easy, effective pest management that solves your issue right away.

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What Are The Most Common TYpes of Ants in Portland?

Oregon is home to various ant species, each with its unique characteristics and nesting preferences. The most common ant species encountered in Portland include the odorous house ant (sugar ant), carpenter ant, pavement ant, pharaoh ant, and more. Understanding the behavior and traits of these ants is crucial for developing effective control measures.

How Can You Help Prevent an Ant Infestation in Your Home?

Do you get fed up with being swarmed by swarms of ants every summer? Protect your home from ants by contacting Natura's ant exterminators in Portland.

In the meantime, you can try the following ant prevention tips:

  • Seal all food containers tightly
  • Don't leave pet food out for too long
  • Wipe up spills as soon as they occur
  • Do not leave leftovers out for too long
  • Keep your trash cans closed tightly outside and take out your trash often

Is DIY Any Control Worth it?

While DIY methods can provide temporary relief, enlisting the services of a professional pest control company like Natura Pest Control is often the most efficient and long-lasting solution for ant infestations. Our pest management professionals have in-depth knowledge of local ant species and their behaviors, allowing us to tailor treatment plans specific to your situation. We also possess the expertise to safely handle and apply pesticides, ensuring the well-being of both humans and the environment.

Some DIY Tips For Tackling An Ant Infestation

Dealing with an ant infestation in Portland, Oregon can be a frustrating experience. However, there are several effective steps you can take to get rid of ants and prevent them from returning.

Here are some tips on how to handle an ant infestation:

  • Identify the Ant Species:
    • Knowing the specific ant species infesting your property can help you determine the most effective control methods. Different species have varying behaviors and preferences. If you're unsure, consider consulting a pest control professional for accurate identification.
  • Remove Food Sources: Ants are attracted to food, so eliminating their food sources is crucial. Keep your kitchen clean and free of crumbs, wipe spills immediately, store food in airtight containers, and take out the garbage regularly. Clean up pet food and water bowls promptly after use.
  • Seal Entry Points: Inspect your property for any gaps, cracks, or openings where ants can enter. Seal them with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent ants from gaining access. Pay close attention to windows, doors, utility lines, and foundation cracks.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean your home or business to remove any ant trails or pheromone trails that can attract more ants. Vacuum carpets and sweep floors frequently, paying extra attention to baseboards and corners where ants commonly travel.
  • Use Natural Remedies: Several natural remedies can repel ants and disrupt their trails. Examples include:
    • Sprinkle cinnamon, black pepper, or cayenne pepper in areas where ants are active.
    • Place cucumber peels, citrus peels, or mint leaves near entry points.
    • Create a mixture of vinegar and water and use it to wipe down surfaces and ant trails.
    • Use diatomaceous earth (food-grade) in cracks and crevices where ants are present.
  • Try Ant Baits: Ant baits are highly effective in eliminating entire ant colonies. Place ant bait stations near ant trails or areas where ants are active. The ants will carry the bait back to their nest, which will ultimately eradicate the colony. It's important not to disturb or kill the ants while they're taking the bait to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Consult a Pest Control Professional: If the ant infestation persists or if you're dealing with a particularly challenging ant species like carpenter ants, it's advisable to seek professional help. Our pest control professionals have the expertise and specialized products to address the infestation effectively and provide long-term solutions.

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Ant control is a continuous process, and it may take time to completely eliminate the infestation. As the battle against ants continues in Oregon, staying updated on the latest ant control strategies and relying on professional expertise can help residents maintain ant-free environments. By employing environmentally friendly methods, practicing good hygiene, and fostering collaborative efforts, we can successfully combat ant infestations, preserving the tranquility and comfort of homes and businesses in the beautiful city of Portland.

For ant control you can trust, go simple, smart, and local! Call our ant control experts at Natura Pest Control at (360) 506-6071 today.

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