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At Natura Pest Control, we take pride in treating every customer like family. We offer personable service, fast solutions, and a true commitment to helping you keep the pests away from your property. That’s what has motivated us from day one, and we’re pleased that it continues to drive us to be the best we can be today. Over the years, we’re extremely proud that a number of different customers have trusted their property to us, and we’re thrilled with what they have had to say about our service.

Check out some of our reviews from previous customers below, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need help with a pest problem!
  • Quick and Friendly Service
    Service was quick and friendly, was recommended by neighbors. We went with them because of the low toxicity.

    - Valerie K.

  • Great Experience
    Friendly And Knowledgeable Technician And Overall Great Service!

    - Andrei K.

  • Extremely Satisfied
    I’ve been using Natura for almost 2 years now and I’m extremely satisfied with the service and results. I was constantly battling fleas in my home and almost immediately my flea problem was under control and has remained under control ever since.

    - David M.

  • Very Professional
    Austin showed up on time for the scheduled treatment of pest control to our home. He was professional and explained in detail the process before he proceeded with the treatment of pest control.

    - Gloria M.

  • Very Friendly Staff
    Brendan was very friendly! He was very flexible with what we wanted him to do first. He made sure everything was done correctly and took his time. It was excellent work! I definitely would request him as our technician next time.

    - Brittany D.

  • Very Thorough
    Troy was very polite and explained what he was doing each step of the process. He is very knowledgeable about pests and how they enter a home. He was very thorough in his work and took great care to find any existing pests.

    - Michael W.

  • Friendly Staff
    Scott was very informative and very polite. I really enjoyed meeting him and look forward to pest-free environment.

    - Sherry L.

  • Very Informative
    Mitch was very knowledgeable about his products and their application. He was very informative and kept me in the loop at all times. Thanks for the great service.

    - Dick L.

  • Very Prompt Service
    Thank you so much for your very prompt service. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work with. I am especially pleased with the quality of the service techs who come to our home. They are knowledgeable, quick, friendly, and I feel safe having them here and knowing our property.

    - Loris & Glenn R.

  • Very Impressive
    He performed as a great professional. He was working during a torrential rainstorm and every time I saw him he had a big smile on his face. Very impressive.

    - Spencer A.

  • Service Was Awesome
    The service was awesome. He listened to our issues and addressed them all. Did a thorough job. I’m so glad I switched from Terminix.

    - Steve M.

  • Great Service
    Just wanted to say thank you for the help! And very satisfied with the technique and performance very thorough and friendly service! Definitely will pass on the good service to friends and family members.

    - Roger B.

  • Great Work
    Mitch was very polite and explained everything he was going to do, answered all my questions. He was great.

    - Kelly B.

  • Gave Helpful Tips
    Scott was great! Very friendly and super fast. Also gave us some very helpful tips and explained to us every step of the way what he was doing so we understood clearly. Natura pest is great this is our second time with them coming would definitely recommend to my friends and family!

    - Kristin and Brady H.

  • Excellent Service
    I am very pleased with the service today! I was detained at work and called the office to let them know I would be 15 minutes late and the technician had already arrived and provided the service I had requested. Then he called me personally to inform me he had completed the job and ask if there was anything else he needed to do. Excellent service. Thank you, Austin.

    - Greta M.

  • Impressive Customer Service
    David is one of the nicest, most professional, and delightful technicians! He was so attentive to my specific needs and was very impressed with his service. Thanks, David!

    - Patti R.

  • Above & Beyond Service
    I went over any issues I could think of with Scott when he arrived. I feel he went above and beyond to do what he could to make sure my house and yard remain as pest-free as possible!

    - Anthony A.

  • Professional Service
    Scott was professional in both his customer service and his service. Asked if we had anything we wanted him to look at or if we had other potential concerns.

    - Art and Diane S.

  • Excellent Work
    Scott was very friendly and professional! He did an excellent job of informing me of what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. Great job Scott!

    - David G.

  • Very Knowledgeable and Friendly
    Great to meet Scott today. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Made sure all of our questions were answered. He was very thorough and we are glad to have his help in getting our ant problem under control. Thanks, Scott!

    - Terry H.

  • Overall Great Experience
    Thorough, Polite, Super Friendly!!!

    - Sonja J.

  • Very Respectful and Kind
    We love how you stand behind your product! We have full confidence in your expertise partially because I’ve seen it work, but also because your team is very knowledgeable, confident, and knows the business well! I always feel comfortable. With your team treating outside and inside my home if needed. Everyone is very respectful and kind, and I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone. Definitely your services keep my annoying house guests (Ants) Away better than anything else I have tried.

    - Katey & Damien D.

  • 5 Star Service!
    Jake was very knowledgable and very friendly. He did a great job and took the time to answer our questions. We give him 5 stars!

    - Becky B.

  • Extremely Professional
    Jake was great today. He listened and then took action and even offered some insight. We have been using Natura for 3 years now and all the techs are courteous, clean, conversational, and knowledgeable when it comes to the workings of pests and rodents. I highly recommend this company.

    - Sara & Joshua B.

  • Fast And Efficient
    Nice Guy. Fast And Efficient. Explained What I Needed To Know. Thanks.

    - Terry and Marianne D.

  • Job Well Done
    Daniel is amazing!! He is so knowledgable, explained every step of the process to us. My 7-year-old had many questions for daniel about ants and the queens and he was happy to answer everything for him. Job well done!!

    - Mandy H.

  • Service in a Timely Manner
    Aaron was very informative and represented the company well. He completed the service in a timely manner and answered all of our questions well.

    - Donna A.

  • Super Friendly and Informative Service Techs
    We have been using Natura since August 2016 with great results. Super friendly and informative service techs and noticed an improvement right away.

    - Shannon K.

  • Excellent Experience
    I had a busy work schedule on the phone today where daniel did his work leaving me hands-free so I could work with my customers. Thank you!

    - Eleanor & Adrian A.

  • Impressive Customer Service
    We have been using Natura for approx one year and I am so impressed with the quality of the product and the amazing customer service they provide.

    - Conrad F.

  • Great Work!
    Very professional service and fast response to my ant problem. Got my questions answered. Great work!

    - Pam H.

  • Pleasant Personnel and Easy to Work With
    This was our first service from Natura Pest Control and it was a very pleasant experience; Daniel our service technician was very courteous and professional and answered all the questions we had after he had explained what he was going to do and how long it should take.

    After he had finished with his explanation he went to work and was very efficient doing his job. He then talked to us about what he did and what we should expect and explained that he would be back in a month to see how everything went and make any corrections that were needed.

    Before he left he asked if we had any questions and answered them in easy to understand terms, he then went back to the truck and filled out the service and pest control that he had done and what products were used and gave us our copy.

    Overall it was a pleasant experience for a not so pleasant problem.

    I would highly recommend Natura Pest Control for anyone who is looking for great service, pleasant personnel, and easy to work with people.

    Thank you Natura Pest Control!

    - Kathleen R.

  • Kind, Friendly and Professional
    Our house was infested with sugar ants and what I was told were carpenter ants outside covering the buildings and stripping the trees, getting into the hummingbird feeders, literally had taken over the back yard, in spite of trying to get rid of them, and rats outside and mice, (there is a junkyard next door.)
    Natura was going door-door and after talking to this rep (personable, sticks to facts, no hard sell or scare tactics) I looked up them as well as 2 other companies and decided to try Natura based on price, BBB rating, and the product is deemed safe around humans and pets. I have to say they have really honored the contract, nor have I ever dealt with a more reasonable company, don’t understand something? call, you may have to leave a msg, but you will get a call back within 12 business hours and they are polite! Also, they will remind you when they come out, another nice courtesy. The only problem I’ve noticed is perhaps communication with a change of services, we started paying to have the rats destroyed as I certainly was having no luck, and out of the last 3 visits, twice I needed to remind about the refilling the rat trays, however again the rep who was doing our spraying was professional, friendly and couldn’t have been kinder, this company and everyone I’ve been in contact with acts like they are pleased to remove these headaches for the customer.

    - John & Cathy L.

  • Very Happy and Pleased
    Very happy and pleased with all your technicians and Austin is not an exception, very courteous. Thanks for your service!

    - Natalia T.

  • Very Personable and Knowledgeable
    Brendan was very personable and knowledgeable!!! I appreciate that he could give me a call when he was on his way so I didn’t have to wait for three hours until he showed up in our 12:00-3:00 time span. He is very thorough and listens closely to what my needs and concerns were. I have been with Natura for many years and will never use anyone else!!

    - Penny K.

  • Very Nice, Pleasant, and Courteous
    Very nice, pleasant, and courteous. Explained what he was doing and answered my questions. Couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for looking forward to next time. Very happy with the service and the results. No bugs.

    - Joseph B.

  • Outstanding Service
    Always get outstanding service from nature!!! I have used three other pest control companies in the area, and have found that Natura has been the best fit. Their customer service is outstanding, and they do a great job!

    - Denice F.

  • Amazing Customer Service
    Very Nice, Very Efficient!

    - Nick G.

  • Very Thorough Work
    Tyler provided excellent service in a user-friendly style… very thorough in her work. She has superb people-skills, knows her business, and gets the job done with enthusiasm and commitment!

    - Gene J.

  • Skilled, Informed, and Just So Pleasant
    Natura’s technicians are all skilled, informed, and just so pleasant. I know that my questions will always be answered and I always learn something from them. Aaron definitely meets the very high standard that Natura has for its technicians. He did an excellent job and was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Exactly what I’ve come to expect from this company.

    - Linda S.

  • Aaron Was Awesome!
    Aaron was awesome! He was very personable, professional, and performed his tasks effectively and efficiently. Thank you for your service, Aaron!

    - Amira O.

  • Very Punctual and Polite
    Very thorough explanation of what he and assistant were going to do and what I can expect. Very punctual and polite. I am pleased with the service and the professionalism of the entire staff. Thank you.

    - Greg B.

  • Great Work!
    I was not present when the technician came to the property. The review is based on technicians' notes. It looks like he did a great job and handled the areas that needed attention. Looking forward to watching those little pests find a new place to call home.

    - Robyn V.

  • 5 Star Service!
    Excellent Customer Service And Very Professional. 5 Stars!

    - Barb C.

  • Friendly Staff
    Great Job – Very Professional!

    - Patricia C.

  • Great Technicians
    Our technician has been by twice and he’s been so great both times! He’s listened to what the problem areas have been and taken care of them! Thanks!!!

    - Erica B.

  • Great Service
    Very Nice And Professional.

    - Akaisha P.

  • Pleasant and Friendly
    I have been using your service for about 2 years I find your techs to be pleasant and friendly and I have had no problems with insect invasion.

    - Rena N.

  • Very “Can-Do” Attitude
    Excellent service and very professional staff. We have never had an issue with Natura pest control services. If we have a question or special need, they are willing to help us out. Very “can-do” attitude. Great company.

    - Jennifer & Edward J.

  • Above & Beyond Service
    We were not home when Aaron came today, however, his service notes indicate he did everything we wanted him to do. I appreciate his thoroughness. Thanks for closing the gate to our fenced back yard upon completion.

    - Larry S.