The Natura Way

Pest control done the Natura way. Our service includes 4 simple steps.

First, we inspect your home for pest activity and entry points. This allows us to customize our service to fit your needs.

Second, we establish a protective barrier around your home. A few feet up and out around the foundation and a few inches up and out around the interior trim. A granule barrier is applied to your lawn and flower beds 10-15 feet from your foundation treating the source of the pets and keeping your property protected. We also sweep down any unsightly spider webs and remove any wasp or hornet nests from the eaves and exterior light fixtures. Bait stations for rodents are placed around the foundation of your home to protect you from mice and rats that carry disease and deadly pathogens. This initial service will eliminate most of the adult pest population and start your home on its way to being fully protected.

Our third step in protecting your home is ongoing maintenance. Professional products break down naturally in the environment every 60-90 days, since hatching cycles of pests occur throughout the year, we return and reapply the protective barrier every 3 months as it naturally breaks down.

After the initial treatment our services is billed as a monthly subscription. What you pay each month covers your seasonal treatments as well as any in between services you might need.

Our final step is our commitment to you. Mother nature can be difficult to control. If pest activity returns between your regular services, just call and your technician will re-treat your home as often as needed at no additional charge to you. Those are our four simple steps to keeping your home protected from pest.